September 2015

This seemed like a very unfocused month, but I'm pleased to see I'm retaining my progress. I slip and stumble every now and then but for the most part, I'm holding onto the bits I've picked up along the way. I spent the entire month drawing with mechanical pencils. I'd always preferred mechanical pencils for sketching, but I wanted to play around with other media and remove the option of erasing while I was just grasping the fundamentals. As I just mentioned, I think what I've learned while drawing in ink and non-photo blue pencil has taken root for the most part, so I'm allowing myself the freedom to make minor corrections as I go. It's good to have pencils in my hand again. The power... THE ABSOLUTE POWER!

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09.04.15 - 09.06.15 - Started this month with drawing heads from my imagination, and I think it's safe to say my grasp on them is pretty well developed. Still not perfect - never perfect - but I've gotten away from those huge, repetitive mistakes I used to make like drawing the eyes way too big.

09.07.15 - 09.08.15 - Dedicated a few pages to drawing gestures from reference to little success... which means I need to see more pages of that and fewer of heads. Speaking of heads, I filled another two pages with them here, and I do thinkI am coming along in the development of my style. It still looks like it's heading in the direction I want it too. Fairly cartoony, somewhat DIsney-inspired. Maybe too much so. Might need to reign it in a little.

09.11.15 - 09.12.15 - I decided I needed some practice getting acquainted with the landmarks of the human body. This is not terribly fun - it's more like homework. But it's necessary to the development of a well-rounded discipline.

09.14.15 - 09.18.15 - Nothing to see here, really, except that girl on the last page who is looking up, annoyed, at her hair. This is where I decided in the next few days, I'd need to sit down and learn how to draw hair. Got tired of talking about it.

09.20.15 - 09.24.15 - Okay first, that mohawked guy with the spear was done without any reference. I finally figured out the correct pose on the small, bottom sketch. I was pleased. The lower half of this page, though, is me guessing at what hair is supposed to do. In the following pages, well, there's even more of that. No reference, just guessing.

9.25.15 - The first two pages were drawn while I watched a tutorial on drawing hair for cartoons. How enlightening! Pity the second page is out of focus. The third (with the man and woman on top and more full bodies on bottom) was done from my imagination using what I'd learned. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

09.27.15 - 09.29.15 - Some natural looking poses (go me), a quick sketch of my very mobile toddler, and my first study of genuine anatomical structure. I like those legs. Looks legit.

09.30.15 - Here, I was showing my amazing wife (who is working on watercoloring) how I construct a profile. She picked it up very quickly. I hope I'm worthy of teaching her.


Even earlier sketchdump collages are still available in the blog, but to get those early pages' presentation consistent with the function and feeling I want for this section of the website, I'll need to take some decent pictures of them and editorialize on my progress and what I was learning along the way. So for now (seeming more and more like forever as time goes on), I'll just leave it at...

Coming soon