Do you know how much gets done when you take a week off? A lot, actually.

Our probably artist Trish Kelley has nailed a character that I've been unable to envision for ten years. Jordan and I both love it and I can't wait to show you.

I haven't written in eleven days. I've done some things on my lunch breaks - the page breakdowns you saw and quick emailed notes I've sent myself and others here and there - but I haven't been in the outline in a week and a half.

Still, my wheels have been spinning. I couldn't help it. The Corps doesn't let me take time off.

Before Jordan came over on Saturday, I had a sudden burst of ideas that I wanted to make sure we dug into. Seems there is some wisdom to that idea of the poor man's editor after all. I sent myself a quick email with the handful of topics we were unfortunately unable to cover as I mentioned in the last post.

Because I was off for the week, I didn't give it much more thought... or I didn't think I had.

I told Jordan I was writing tonight and during my lunch break ended up sending him a lengthy email about new approaches to elements in most of the main character arcs and a few side characters too. Those ideas had been fermenting in the corners of my mind, and they'd grown into a thing that somehow brought the story together. Made it a little more tactile. Less a collection of scenes and more of a glimpse into a living world.

We regrouped via text and decided a few things were good, and a few needed more discussion. And now I'm going to write those decisions into the outline.

I'm trying something different tonight and going in with Last Long Rattle by the Insect Fable instead of the opening track on the There Will Be Blood soundtrack.

There were days that I listened to this song over and over for twenty minutes at a time. It definitely gives me the Spooky Corps heebies.

Okay. I'm going to write now.

- db