So much of the outline has been there the whole time, unchanged. All of the basic ideas are correct in terms of who goes where and what is revealed, but the rough scenes I initially wrote are remaining there, static, and I'm running out of breathing room. It's probably time once again to stop writing into the story and start streamlining everything. See where I can combine elements of separate scenes into a single idea that says it all. See where I can reduce a paragraph to a few lines of dialogue. I've thought about going after some of these issues as complete rewrites, ignoring the text I have already and just starting again from scratch, just to see how it comes out. I know what needs to be in there, but sometimes a blank page gives me so many new things to say, so many new ways to communicate an idea. It can be a little more difficult to add thoughts into the same paragraphs I've been seeing week after week. However, I have written in all the notes from the talk with Jordan the other day. It felt good to get those new details in there, and it was pretty easy. They all had their place. It really helped to round out the issues they went into.

Yeah, some of these issues are really good. The focus is there, and it all fits and flows nicely.

But some of them are just a mess.

Yet on we go.

We passed on the few notes we had about the last piece of concept art to Trish, and I sent her the profile for the next character.

I feel like everything we visualize should tell us something about the world or the characters. So there's a lot to consider when creating a human being out of thin air. Nothing should be arbitrary. It is possible I wrote too much. I usually do. The first four or five paragraphs of the email were just about the city this character lives in - the architecture, the fashion, the technology. Then I finally got to him, and where he fits into it.

I think I actually spent significantly less time on him than the area of the city he comes from.

Still, can't wait to see what she comes up with. She has yet to disappoint.

Look, here's the first thing she drew for us last March. This is what got me super excited, and got me to buckle down and actually start making this thing real.


Pretty sweet, huh?


Now, just a little housecleaning - I did some writing yesterday and didn't get around to updating you guys. Sorry about that. I'm not losing momentum, taking a week off just gave me a lot to do and I wasn't able to get to it all. As for tonight - I don't usually write on Fridays, but I'm not going to put in both days this weekend. Whether tomorrow or Sunday, I'm not sure right now. But broken car is broken, and I need to figure that out.

I'll let you know when I'm at it again. Stay spooky.

- db