Still writing. ss150218

Still not posting.

Jordan and I have chatted several times and I guess we finished working out Part II yesterday, and I completed the outline today. We started outlining Part III tonight, and in a couple of months, we'll have the first finished draft of the entire story. And it will be completely terrible, but for the first time it will be complete. And with the whole picture in place... /then/ we will be able to revise.

So, how's this for an awkward segue?

I am terrible at describing the images I have in my head. I'm rambly, and verbose, and because I'm too scared to commit to any obvious tropes or genre elements, I vaguely describe the spectrum of an idea and insist on being noncommittal. "Tribal but civilized, you know? Not too wild, but not too tame." I feel sorry for Trish. "Just be riiiiight there with the perfect mix. Can you do that? Can you draw whatever's in my head and make sure it's something that's never been seen before? Great, thanks."

She somehow still delivers great stuff every time I send her a profile. I don't understand it. But to save her the trouble of interpreting my future rants about what kind of shoes an Outlander might wear and why, I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest. Today I downloaded a ton of images to create a photographic tour of the fashions in the world. Figured I'd save us both a thousand words and send a picture instead.

Found a lot of cool stuff. It was fun. My friend Mundo said it's clear I have some momentum going, and I do. I really do. I'm sleepy now.

Good night.

- db