We'll skip the excuses. It is now day eight since my last post. Sorry about that.

Jordan and I have been chatting and exchanging emails for five of those days, and digging into the final part has been a blast. We've known so much of the story and where it was going for so long, but had a lot of dots to connect. Now after all these years, we're filling in all of those remaining answers and details and finally putting down some of the oldest ideas into the outline. It's a little insane to finally be wrapping up the story in a readable form, rough though it may be.

And we're here now because a little less than a year ago, a girl I'd hired at my day job drew a piece of concept art. You've seen it. It's this one:


Once I saw that, I finally believed without a doubt that telling this story was a real possibility. Like I said in my first post - You don't need film equipment or studio time or a cast, crew, and venue to make a comic book. You only need a few talented, creative people.

Trish drew between fifteen and twenty images for us, and we came close to committing to a partnership, but as you can see, she is very talented. And because of that she has a real job doing art things. So though she believes in and really likes Spooky Corps, she is unable to commit the time that she feels the project deserves. And that's okay. I'm so pleased that she contributed anything at all, and I wouldn't have started taking this so seriously and come as far as I've come had it not been for her. So thanks, Trish. Maybe your sketches can be an incentive on the crowdfunding campaign or something.

Anyway, as a result of this turn of events... nothing has changed. There is still a good amount of time between now and the vague, tentative release date of 2016. We're still several months out from scripting, I think, so it will be a while before we actually need an artist to draw a page. I plan and hope to find one who is talented and affordable.

Incidentally, I've started to practice drawing again. Six days straight so far, and I've made... interesting progress. I've started with female faces because I've never been able to draw those before. I've never /really/ tried to look into it, either. I've definitely gotten better, but not in a consistent way. Every face I draw looks decent now, but none of them look the same. They're decent in different ways. Different styles. But they're always better.

Maybe I'll post some progress reports.

What else?

I haven't been blowing up your news feed every other day with more of the same updates. I'm not sure I should say "I'm sorry" or "You're welcome" for that, but I lean toward the latter. Having said that, the website is back up. As you know.

I'll try to practice restraint.

And hey you - you didn't have to click the link and read this. Thanks for doing it. I think you're going to like this story, and it's cool that you're following its creation.

I'll talk to you later.

- db