Yesterday for the first time ever, I saved a copy of a document that lays out the entire narrative from beginning to end. Well, a little bit of a rushed end, with the outline of the final four issues doing very little to explain themselves to someone unfamiliar with the story. But it is all there. I know this sounds a lot like my February 25th update - but that was just the rough outline. The full story is now broken down into issues. The final few lack detail because much of what happens in those last moments will be emotional resolutions, and those will be more writeable after we've given life to the details of the character's journeys leading to that point.

There is also much to put into the earlier issues that we came up with in the writing the later parts of the story, and doing so add some colors to the narrative that the specifics of the current ending don't acknowledge.

Once we can draw cleaner through-lines from the beginning to the end, It'll be written into a digestible version of the story for some volunteer readers who are into giving feedback. Once we work out any kinks in the overall story, it'll be time to start producing.

So for now, we're going back through from the start, finding what we're missing, taking out what we don't need. Simplifying. I'm done a rough pass of the first of the three parts of the story, and it was pretty easy. It feels like the hard part is all done, and now it's just smoothing out the edges.

Seems like we're on track for release in 2016. The wonderfully unspecific "2016".

What's not terribly on track is my drawing. I really wish I could become good enough to draw the book a year from now, but it's not looking likely. And I didn't expect it in the first place. But artists are costly. Shucks.

I am improving, though. Sort of. I'm still better than when I started, and I'm probably learning more than I feel like I am. My heads are still all over the place, but my gesture sketching seems to come pretty naturally. I'm doing everything without reference (which may not be the best plan, but it feels like it will make me better). There have only been a couple of poses I've imagined that I wasn't able to put down... one of which is an archer. Observe!



I thought I would have time to post a sketchdump tonight, but it's not looking good. I'll work on that on Tuesday.

- db