If you're following along, you know we've finished the story and we're doing a second pass from the beginning. Last week, we dug into the first arc together and came up with an alternate path to cover all of the same material. I wrote the two versions down so we can compare them tomorrow and see what works best. I have some issues with the new version, but I like the ending better. I think the problem is I've had the other version in my head for a year, and it's hard to brush away all of the details. Moving the big blocks is easy, but the little things... It's hard to lose them so I can start with a fresh perspective. I've been spending more time drawing that writing lately. Still don't expect to be able to draw the book by the time we're ready for pencils, but feeling that time approach and seeing myself improve little by little is motivating me to continue. I'm all over the place, stylistically. Struggling to get an ingrained sense of the structure and angles. Every seventh or eighth drawing looks pretty good. Everything in between is just another junk drawing I have to get out of the way to get to a good one.

I'm not using references to draw. Just trying to learn from observation and lots of practice. I'm relying on my imagination to tell me whether something is right or not... which may not be the best way to go about it. Some instruction may speed up the progress, but it feels great when I learn something on my own, and that's a big motivation too.

I do have trouble with eyes, though. And hair... haven't spent a second looking at how to draw hair. I should maybe do that. Rudimentary proportions and gesture seem to come to me fairly naturally. Not sure how my anatomy will do when I start adding muscles.

But why tell you when I can show you? Here's most of the stuff I've put in my sketchbook since the last sketch dump: