Two weeks ago, I said that we'd finished writing the story and were working on a second pass which resulted in an alternate version of the first arc. I also said that while I liked the ending more, I wasn't sure if I liked it more as a whole. Well folks, I'm over it.

I really like this new approach. It's a little less noir and a little more adventure, which is what I wanted for the story in the first place. Where the first version relied on a flashbang beginning and serialized cliffhangers to keep you invested, this version hooks you more throughout the individual issues, keeping you occupied with the action in front of you and depositing curiosities in the back of your head along the way to keep you coming back for the explanations. Of the two approaches, this seems to be the right way to go. After all, every page turned is a new opportunity to lose the reader, right? Right.

This is all very exciting, and things are about to start moving quickly. Really quickly.

However, we can't move into the scripting phase right away. You see, we know everything there is to know about the story. We know what secrets are in our characters' heads and what the future holds for them. Add that to the amount of time we've spent in this world pushing things around, tweaking minutia, and rearranging story beats, and it results in the fact that our understanding of the big picture could be blinding us to fundamental problems in structure and clarity. Sure, WE get what's going on, but would it make sense to someone who doesn't know thing one about this world or its inhabitants?

We have no way of knowing. We're going to need an editor.

But before we go throwing money at someone in the industry who has an understanding of and experience in the medium, we're going to let some of you normies who are completely unfamiliar with the story read this opening act and give us your brutally honest opinions. Now, we won't be giving it out to anyone - we want to be sure that the people who read it will be willing to give us PLENTY of specific information about what they think works and what doesn't. We're looking for people with a passion for stories who feel they have a good grasp of narrative structure, especially (but not necessarily) those who read and love comic books. We've come up with a 22 point questionnaire for those who want to devote a little bit of time and a lot of serious thought to it. So drop us a line on the Facebook page if you're interested!

And while we wait for our alpha test readers (some of whom have already received the outline) to get back to us with feedback, there isn't a lot of progress for us to make in terms of the story. While we wait, we're going to hire some concept artists to breathe a little bit of life into the material, both for pre-production and promotional purposes. So here's a second way to get involved, you lone reader, you!

Are you an artist? Do you know any artists who might be interested? If so, again, hit the Facebook page and let us know! Direct your friends there as well. We have been (and will continue to be) scouring groups of comics creators, websites, and forums for artists whose styles we see fitting well with the story we're telling. We'll be contacting them for rates within a few days. If you're interested, get on in there! You might get in on the ground floor of something that has a lot of commitment, passion, and many, many hours of serious work behind it.

And hey, money is nice to have, isn't it?

That's just about it for now. Those are my two calls to action. I know updates have slowed to a trickle over the last few months, but I promise you, this isn't because we haven't been hard at work. As I've said before (or at least I thought I had, but I can't find it now), there's only so many times you can say "Still writing, stay tuned" before it loses all meaning. But now that we're here, you can expect to see more frequent and varied rundowns of what's happening with the project.

Also, for anyone who may remember, I'd intended to use this blog to not only track production, but to explain step-by-step how exactly we were going about it. For a long time, we've been in the story development phase which I wrote about here. Now that we'll be finding and hiring talent, networking, and doing more than converting the things tumbling out of our brains into text, I'll finally have something new to say in terms of how-to articles, even if those articles consist mostly of the many trials and errors it will take to get this thing off the ground without any prior experience in doing so.

If you're still reading this, you've probably been here for about seven months, and I am so grateful to have you along for the ride.

I can't thank you enough for your support.

Real content is coming, and that right soon.

Stay tuned.