After outlining Issue One with Jordan, I worked alone on much of the scripting. We'd meet once a week and get done what we could, but I'd spend a few days between meetings writing into the pages as much as I was able.

When I could, I tried working on the outline for Issue Two by myself, but then the next time we'd talk I would end up going over everything I'd written with him anyway, and because it was already written, it wasn't as easy for him to offer direction for a scene, and I don't know that we wouldn't have come up with something better had we been working together. So after seeing how much more productively and creatively things moved along when I waited to write with Jordan, I took to working only when we were able to chat.

However, a recent death in his family put the writing on hiatus for a short while, and while I like the fact that I've been spending a lot more time drawing (urry day, son!), I think I need to stop neglecting the script and see what I can get done on my own. So that's what I'm going to do today.

In other news - after seven and a half weeks looking for a job, I got three calls yesterday. One of them was a no-go - the pay was too low. One of them sounds promising but it goes through a recruiter and I'm not sure how many other applicants they might be getting. Today I have an initial phone interview with the third. Sure would be nice to have a job again. I like money.

I need to put up September's sketches, but my priorities are: writing a blog update (done), writing a few pages into the script, and doing today's Drawllowen sketch. I'll try to get to the sketchbook, but make no promises.

Off to write now,

- db