It's been two weeks since the last blog, wherein I shamed myself for posting so infrequently. But hey, that time it had been a month. I've improved. Hooray! Anti-shame on me!

I've finally posted July's sketchbook pages. It's funny that only two weeks later, I'm already eager to get you past these pages to see what I've learned and improved on, and what I've been up to in the past week or so. As always, there's not a lot of great stuff, but I'm certainly getting better. Always getting better...

I've been talking with two more concept artists and working through seven new designs - three characters, four key buildings that each highlight a different class environment. I can't wait to get the concept art page up so you can peruse all the things at your leisure.

Ah, what the heck, I'll just go ahead and show you a couple of the roughs!


On the left, you've got the slum neighborhood that our protagonist Ricky calls home. After the walls went up and the gates closed, the lower class and neighborhoods on the outskirts began to fall apart. Closer to the wall, things aren't so bad, but the closer you get to the Outlands, the bleaker it becomes. I think this image captures this environment really well.

On the right, you've got the other end of the spectrum: one of the Ministries - government buildings where the citizens attend mandatory services, participate in the annual census, and receive communion. The Law of this city is treated like religion, and it was a little tricky to condense both of those vibes into a single building design. But after a few rounds back and forth with ideas and references, he nailed it.

Again, these are just two of the four roughs from Scott Sackett. He is inking the finalized versions this weekend. Awesome stuff though, dont'cha think? I'm really glad to be working with him. The character designs from the other artist, I'll save for the launch of the concept art gallery.

Oooh, I'm so excited.

Jordan and I have also been scripting, of course. The other night we struggled for about an hour to get the turn on one page right, and finally figured it out in our last five minutes. It was a close call... almost felt like a wasted night.

But speaking of that page, I should probably get to scripting in the little time I have left tonight.

Yes sir, things are moving right along.

Come on back for continued goodness.

- db