Revisions, revisions. Good work was done tonight. It's beginning to fill out nicely. When developing a story, you (I?) start very big, using few words to convey the purpose and meaning of the story. Then you (or I) get medium-sized, giving more detail to the characters and the movements and resolutions of the acts. Then you (me again) get small and break it down to issues, scenes, or chapters. For the first time now, I'm really getting granular by trying to apply a rough estimate of the pages per paragraph in the description of each issue. It may seem a little... is there a better word than anal?... but it's been a very healthy exercise for me, and is really showing me some things about the pacing.

Tonight I rearranged a lot and wrote quite a bit. It's up to six pages now -- and I understand that may not seem like a lot considering I wrote just nine days ago that I had a four page outline, but turning those medium-sized chunks of plot and theme into a compelling, consistent, episodic narrative can be a taxing and puzzling task.

I've seen this quote attributed to Oscar Wilde and Gustave Flaubert:

"I spent the morning putting in a comma and the afternoon removing it."

I like that, because sometimes that's how it goes. But tonight, I really did some good stuff. I'm writing a story that excites me as I discover it, even if I do it by spending two hours rearranging paragraphs and replacing landlocked phrases and only half an hour writing. Every time I sit down to it, it's a joyride.

The poor man's editor is a pair of fresh eyes after couple of weeks away from the work. You're supposed to come back and see everything that's wrong with it. I tend to exhaust myself working and walk away dreading that I've shredded the whole thing to ribbons. But then I come back, and I'm pleased to find what I've left for myself

I aim to have this thing written by January 23rd. Jordan and I are going to PAX South, and that weekend we're going to go over this thing issue by issue like we did with Part 1. We'll make notes, and I'll revise, and we'll make sure it all fits together. Then we'll do the same thing with Part 3.

One thing leads to another, yadda yadda yadda, the Corps takes over the world.

And for you, the faithful, as a reward for being here from the beginning (and for reading this post), here's another drawing I did in the 2006-2007 range.

Guess what this guy's name is?

- db