Is 2:30 in the morning too late for a reasonable twenty-nine year-old to put on his dreamcatcher shoes and begin working on his pet project from high school? Maybe that's a question for the future.

I did get in a couple of hours of writing earlier today. The artist I recently mentioned needed an idea of the world and what happens in it to take her first stab at depicting a character who is particularly mysterious - so mysterious, in fact, that I have been mostly unable to adequately describe him to anyone who has offered their artistic services. I sent her an improved version of the current working proposal and wrote a new character summary for the spooky gentleman in question. I think it's the best and most complete description I've written for any character yet, and the proposal is a bit more complete as well. So that's a keeper of an email.

But even when I'm reading and researching and having conversations, I feel a little guilty if I don't contribute directly to the work itself. Right now I just want to to run through the outline and jot down the scenes, images, and dialogue as they occur to me for half an hour or so. Something to turn into additional paragraphs at a later time.

So I'm gonna. But just for a bit.

Maybe 2:30's too late, and tomorrow I'll be tired and wish I'd gone to bed sooner. But maybe a few years from now, I'll look back and say, "Yes. It was entirely reasonable."