Good things happened last night. I filled out a couple of paragraphs, not looking to write much new stuff, just added in some known interactions and details. Then one tweak to a minor character created a through-line for several of the floaters - ideas that seemed crucial to the idea of two major characters but had a hard time getting into the outline. That whole arc just got a lot cleaner. Have I mentioned that at times, it seems as if I'm uncovering a story that already exists, fully formed and real? I have to just shake off my preconceptions and it eventually finds me, this doorway of details I'd already taken for granted and forgotten.

I'm excited to get back to it. But not tonight. Alas, I am mortal. Really need to figure out this sleep thing. This balancing work and life shtick. And I do mean life. Or... Can you die from lack of sleep?

I dunno. But I can't stay up until 3:30 every morning. I'll be back at it at a more reasonable hour.

Goodnight, little ghosts.

Bite all the bedbugs back.

- db