I've been focusing on the secondary plot a lot lately. It's been getting so much of my attention, it started to feel like the major plot and I began worrying about the page distribution. So tonight, as an exercise, I separated the major plot from the secondary plot, and I distributed the issuing for each one without reference to the other, except to place a few minor ideas that could be planted less specifically throughout the narrative. I think I still may have missed a few... I haven't put them back together yet, but I did scroll through them side by side and got a pretty good idea of how it will flow. I see some areas that will need a little work before they fit together just right, but it's a refreshing, literal change of pace. And that's good. Not only were the page counts becoming comparable, but the story beats - the cliffhangers, and lessons - were too in synch, I think. There is some value to reflecting on the same idea or situation in two radically different ways, but it was too constant, too noticeable, too... annoyingly parallel.

This new take is only subtly different, but gives each story its appropriate gait toward the inevitable crossing of the two and should work out better for the overall story. I've been thinking a lot in terms of subtext for a while... But I'm writing in the world now. Gotta get there. See it. Smell it.

I wrote some new known things, as well as some new new things, getting deeper into it. The early issues have massive outlines, with the later ones less realized. Sentence fragments. But I added another page to the outline tonight. Seven pages.

Oh right - I also figured out what I'm going to do about the sleep and stuff... I made a work schedule. It's only fifteen hours a week, but it will allow me four nights a week of regular sleepin', two days completely off off, and every evening with my family. I got started late tonight, so I'm writing late, but I'll usually be at it when my brain is fresher. I think I'll be more efficient in a clearly defined work schedule. If tonight's work is any indication of the productivity I can expect, I may be finished with this a week ahead of the deadline.

Feelin' good.

Here's a picture I drew on this day six years ago. Started thinking less cute, more mature.

Meet Six-gun Cyanide, a legendary outlaw.

Bonus: Also here is a similarly-timed take on Subject Sinister. I wanted him to match the style of the Six-gun piece, and I'd also stopped thinking of the Corps as a band by this point and wanted a redo on the concept. Hey... His bass guitar is a shotgun now.

Goodnight. Happy 2014.

- db