I had a huge idea for restructuring Part One to make it work better for the overall story and, wouldn't you know it, better for the first part as a somewhat self-contained narrative. And this was expected to occur in the writing of the second part, of course. I'm excited to work that out - I think it will all fall into place pretty easily [the fool, the fool]. But... I've heard for a long time that you should just get a horrible finished first draft of the whole story out there before you make any revisions. If you realize in chapter seventeen that the mechanic needs to have a sister, you go back to your early chapters and write in the margin "add sister". And you keep moving forward until you're done.

Right now, it's taking a lot of effort to ignore my great new approach to Part One and just keep steamin' ahead, but I've never done it before. I've always succumbed to revising one part a dozen times instead of writing a dozen new parts.

Not this time. I'm getting another page in tonight. Headphones are in. There Will Be Blood soundtrack is starting. I'll be back.

... but not right back.

- db