I was planning on taking tonight to clean up a bunch of the early concept art from the first ever contributors, Joey Ezra and Nick Lepley. I found my Wacom tablet but can't find the darned stylus. I looked everywhere I can think to look, and the most reasonable thing I can think is that the gods of creativity don't want me to doodle tonight. They want me to write, so they've hidden it from me. Man, I reaaaally want to show you guys some of the more recent stuff... but I think that'd be rolling out too much too soon. You don't want it all now, with little over the next six months but my usual "wrote a page and it was easy" / "wrote a page and it was harrrd" updates, do you?

Hm... let's compromise.

Here's a couple of concepts for Donnie Demonic from a couple of years ago done by Mehoné Sleshi. Enjoy.

And now, back to the drawing-- er... writing board.

- db