Ahhh. Late night. I usually get to work around this time. The day job is hours behind me, the chores are done, the kid's asleep, and the wife is in bed, scrolling through her blogs and Pinterest boards. I plug in my headphones, play something spooky, crack my knuckles, and start plugging away.

Sure, I do other things throughout the day. Today I checked out an editor who posts in a group I belong to, and I roughly outlined the production budget for the first issue (including paying an editor, an artist, an inker, a colorist, a letterer, the printers, and the USPS) to see what it'll cost me to self-publish if it comes to that. Using some assumed page rates, I worked out the logic in the spreadsheet to see the minimum number of people I'll need to order the issue if I want to pay off the creative team, print the comics, and ship them myself.

Prooobably gonna need more than 18 page likes before we can make that happen. But I have over a year before my self-set deadline is upon me. Almost every day, I'm doing /something/, whether it's brainstorming with Jordan, looking into affordable freelance artists, or reading and listening to interviews and panels focusing on writing comics, breaking in, and self-publishing. I've got a lot to do and a lot to learn to be able to do it, and I'm going to need that year.

But right now, I have the night and something spooky to listen to.

I'm plugging in my headphones... now.

- db